Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Ideas

It's not quite Pottery Barn I know, but I'm happy with it and it will do.
I found the cutest tutorial over at Spool Sewing.  If you go over to their website, the link is over on her right hand sidebar under free patterns.  It's called bird pattern.  It's  an older post so you may have seen it already.  Anyway, I made a few of these adorable little birds {they're so addicting]

Then I went out in the yard to find some fallen twigs.  I spray painted them white and then put them into a flowerpot with some moss to anchor them

like so

Now go to JoAnn fabrics and get some cute Easter eggs on clearance for 50% off {or make your own}
hang them on you tree
and then carefully place your birds in the limbs

Find a basket somewhere in your house that isn't being used.  Pop in some eggs nestled in shredded sheet music.  Add it to your vignette...

and you've got instant, cute Easter decor!!
Happy crafting
Happy Easter!!

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  1. Your photos are giving back the mood of the event. Thank you!
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